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Inner Space Art
Photo Manipulation Art Work and Commentary
by Wolfgang Schindler

Image Copyrighted by Wolfgang Schindler, all rights reserved.
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Gasoline Angel - A composite which I made in 1992 with the help of a photocopier (at that time photocopiers produced better images than a computer connected to a scanner, and digital cameras available for the common man did not exist then) and for it I used a photograph of a former Goodyear "K" airship which was built for the US Navy during WW2 but was flown privately after the war as a camera platform and advertizing blimp. The backdrop is taken from a picture of an oil winding pump at sunset and starring as the angel is no other than NASA's Cpt. Bruce McCandless II, the first man to walk in space untethered with the help of the Manned Maneuvering Unit (MMU) on the 7th of February 1984.


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