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Inner Space Art
Photo Manipulation Art Work and Commentary
by Wolfgang Schindler

Image Copyrighted by Wolfgang Schindler, all rights reserved.
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Mirror Ball with Five Candles - A so-called table top photography: Small things arranged on a table, though here the only thing that stood on a table was the camera. The mirrorball was hanging in the window, the five candles forming a quincunx stood further away on the floor, and the reflecting window looked out to a snowy garden with trees and a porch in the fence.

The term "quincunx" was literally coined in ancient mediterranean times, where a coin with five dots layed out to form a cross was called "quinque uncia", which ment "five twelvths" (of a trojan pound). The latin word for one twelvth, uncia, also took on the meaning of "unit". The quinqunx-pattern itself may be understood with the help of many historical and cultural interpretations, but here is a more mathematical approach:


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