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Inner Space Art
Photo Manipulation Art Work and Commentary
by Wolfgang Schindler

Image Copyrighted by Wolfgang Schindler, all rights reserved.
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Original Airship - This was the first motif of my "Original Flags" series in which I combined a primal blimp with a quincunx short before second contact and a curved pentagram. This pentagram is made out of arcs of a circle and was described first by Walther Bčhler, an anthropologist who had worked on the meaning and relevance of the Golden Section in almost every aspect of geometry, physics, and astronomy. Unfortunately not even the smallest part of his vast work, which was published in 1996, has made it into the world wide web yet, and also this book never was translated and is out of print by now. Even the following link may expire soon, but it leads to the only other illustration of a curved pentagram aside from this one here.


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