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Inner Space Art
Photo Manipulation Art Work and Commentary
by Wolfgang Schindler

Image Copyrighted by Wolfgang Schindler, all rights reserved.
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Vom Haus aus

This book was my first to contain photographs I took without leaving my crib for it, hence the title: Literally translated it means "from the house", but the phrase is ment to be some kind of pun since "von Haus aus" originally means "inherently"). When I moved into my flat almost ten years ago I attempted to keep a photographical record of the ships docked opposite my place right across the river, because the docks are easy to view from my balcony. But soon I got bored of this narrow subject, so I decided to veer off to all of Hamburg's landmarks which I can see from my house, and these are quite a lot.

I published the book in 2007, but recently I reworked the old scans of the slides, so I thought a reprint would be appropriate. This time it is smaller in size than it was then, so it fits into almost every tourist's handbag.

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