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Inner Space Art
Photo Manipulation Art Work and Commentary
by Wolfgang Schindler

Image Copyrighted by Wolfgang Schindler, all rights reserved.
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Zwei gute Dutzend

Two good dozens out of more than ten-thousand analogue photographs, taken between 1973 and 2009. Ranking two times twelve pictures out of so many is almost impossible, so I decided to keep it personal: It is not the picture's technical quality that matters or any spectacular content, but its body of both memories it evokes in me, and associations it may spark in others.

Two categories were needed though, because a picture taken may still be the same when it becomes visible for all, showing the very instant the shutter opened and light fell on the film inside the dark chamber (these photographs are printed in their original oblong format, as a "Rechteck"), but it also may appear as an altered image which has been developed not only by a chemical process, but with the help of all kinds of creative means and methods applied to the picture later. Thus a photograph grows into a kind of painting, a picture that has been made rather than taken (those pictures are cut to squares, hence "Quadrat").

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