Eclipse Gallery Display *INTERNAL*
Programmer: Bill Kramer
Last update: 13 AUG 2014 BK
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July 1972 Before the eclipse starts is a great time to work on that ...
July 1972 Eclipse glasses
July 1972 Phil Siegler and Bob Little pose with eclipse flag.
July 1972 210mm lens, scanned from film, Bill Kramer
Eclipse chasers Phil Siegler, Ted Pedas, and Joanne Kramer discuss t...
July 1972 210mm scanned from film by Bill Kramer
July 1972 Raising the flag.
Sales brochure Cover of the sales brochure distributed prior to the ...
July 1972 Celebration of a good eclipse encounter.
July 1972 Cameras and optics cover the deck.
July 1972 Eclipse flag flying from the mast of the Olympia after our...
July 1972 Before the eclipse, setting up on deck.
July 1972 210mm scanned from film, Bill Kramer
Cruise Path The path of the cruise ship to encounter the eclipse at ...
July 1972 Bill Kramer, John Kramer, Scott Carpenter after the eclips...
July 1972 Eclipse virgins boarding the Olympia in NYC.
July 1972 Waiting for first contact under clear sky!
July 1972 First contact as viewed with the projection from telescope...
July 1972 Robert T. Little (Bob) models the Celestron 8" telescope.
July 1972 Bill Kramer with 4.25" telescope on board the Olympia.
Brochure Sales brochure for the Voyage to Darkness.