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Gallery: ase2012
2nd Contact, 400mm Canon DSLR, by Denise Kramer
Mid Eclipse - from Shasta Lake Dam in California - by Denise Kramer
Denise set up at Shasta Lake dam taking pictures with the Canon and 400mm - courtesy of Bill Kramer
Hydrogen alpha telescope and Donald using solar glasses to watch the partial phase of the eclipse. - courtesy of Bill Kramer
Mount Shasta over Shasta Lake. A great observing site for the annular eclipse. - courtesy of Bill Kramer
Setting up atop Shasta Lake dam. - courtesy of Bill Kramer
Pin hole images projected through a hat with many holes. - courtesy of Bill Kramer
Pin hole projections through a pin tree on to a towel. - courtesy of Bill Kramer
Mt Shasta Lake dam observing site with Coronado hydrogen alpha telescope and viewers. Bill Kramer (with silly hat) shares the view and talks about the view through the telescope. Photo by Dale G.

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