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Gallery: p2011jan
22x32 binocular projection and crescent shadows caused by a grass covered with hoar frost - courtesy of Roman Kostenko
Mostly clear all the time, only some tranparent clouds near C4. - courtesy of Roman Kostenko
Temperature drop of 3.7 deg.C - courtesy of Roman Kostenko
Sun was visible at good conditions all the time from 09:24 to 12:22 (UT+2). Maximal magnitude was 0.794. Some tranparent Altocumulus clouds before C4 didn't make serious interference. - courtesy of Roman Kostenko
Watching the eclipse with my 76mm reflector scope. - courtesy of Roman Kostenko
Sunlight fading out as seen by my camera. Also seen visually and on that day's MODIS/Terra satellite image. - courtesy of Roman Kostenko
Gallery: tse2008
- courtesy of Roman Kostenko
Gallery: tse2017
Sun and Regulus conjuction 29 hours before conjunction. Also, some moons obscuring the sight - courtesy of Roma Kostenk
Prominences Soon after C2 - courtesy of Roma Kostenk
Prairie at midday dawn Cloud percentage: insignificant - courtesy of Roma Kostenk
Our site near Agate, Nebraska And Leslie doing her first photography attempts - courtesy of Roma Kostenk
First time so high up 57 degrees above horizon. Near-midday at latitude 42N - courtesy of Roma Kostenk
No pain, no gain Invisible cacti, 750 miles from the Mexican border - courtesy of Roma Kostenk
Kyle the Nomad and co. Post-eclipse drinking 10/10/10 beer and eating the 'total blackout' cheese with his family, all gathered from New Mexico/Indiana/Virginia - courtesy of Roma Kostenk
Eclipsepocalipse on Hwy 85 The other side of enhanced mobility. Also, a nice reason to have a lazy dinner in Cheyenne - courtesy of Roma Kostenk
Alliance, Nebraska Spent a pleasant summer weekend in this neat outback town - courtesy of Roma Kostenk
First time to the USA A stopover in Chicago, before heading west overland - courtesy of Roma Kostenk

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