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Gallery: ase2012
A composite image of the Annular Eclipse and the Three Sisters in Monument Valley. - courtesy of Robert Stephens
Gallery: tse2013
Our group was organized by TravelQuest and lead by Jay Anderson. The President of Uganda and his entourage decided to set up at our original site, a girls school, so we picked an alternative site nearby. However, clouds building in the late afternoon threatened our ability to see the eclipse, so we quickly abandoned our second site with just 25 minutes to go. We rushed 3 km down a dirt road through a traffic jam and found a clearing off the road with just 10 minutes to spare. Here is our view of the eclipse, with the sun clear of the thickest clouds and just on the edge of some cirrus. The 15 km wide shadow of the moon can be clearly seen projected against the clouds. Video (available on YouTube) show the shadow moving across the sun during the 18 second eclipse. - courtesy of Robert Stephens
Gallery: tse2016
Eclipse From Above A dozen eclipse chasers on board Alaska Airlines Flight 870 saw the Total Solar Eclipse north of Hawaii. The Moon's shadow approached directly from the right side of the plane rising up from the western horizon. - courtesy of Robert Stephens

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