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Gallery: ase2012
20 May 2012 Annular Solar Eclipse. 2km North of Southern Limit from Winslow Arizona (35 3 7.42N, 110 41 53.05W). Selenographic Limb Features in Profile. One second image cadence (left to right) starting 18:36:16 MST. Image acquisition: Joel Moskowitz. Image Processing: Glenn Schneider. (Takahashi Sky 90, AP 2x Barlow, Sony NEX-VG20, Baader Solar Filter. Time-constrained image selection video de-interlacing, unsharp (2 pixel Gaussian kernel) masking, constant/brightness re-normalization (before additionally enhanced). - courtesy of Glenn Schneider (higher resolution image)
Gallery: tse1998
Banka Island set up - courtesy of Glenn Schneider

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