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Eclipse Chaser Report - July 2010

South Pacific, Easter Island, Chile, Argentina The majority of this total solar eclipse took place over the South Pacific Ocean. Viewing the eclipse was a challenge for many with the costs being high and options few. The path of totality passed over the Cook Islands (Mangaia), just south of Tahiti over a series of atolls, out to the open ocean, directly over Easter Island, and ending in South West Argentina at sunset.

Eclipse chasers were stationed along all those points. Here are some of their reports and pictures.

Mangia Island - Although initial reports indicated that eclipse observing was mostly clouded out, a group from Greece was able to view and image the eclipse Pictures and report.

Paul Gauguin Cruise Ship - Although second contact was clouded out, the remainder of eclipse was clearly visible between fast moving clouds. Ship changed course a couple times to avoid clouds. Pictures and report

Aranui Ship - Blue sky reported for the entire eclipse.

Anna Atoll - The eclipse was observed with generally clear skies from the southern end of the atoll.

Hao Atoll Those who stayed at the village or high school were deprived of totality after three seconds and a magnificient diamond ring. Those who had chosen to go North and observe from the airport or from Kaki pass enjoyed the full three minutes and a half of totality, with spectacular diamond rings at both ends, just in-between two passages of clouds.

EFLIGHT An amazing run at 9.5 minutes of totality was achieved by Rick Brown and Glenn Schneider who partnered together to charter a jet liner and filled it with over 30 people. Leaving Papeete before sunrise they raced the shadow to a meeting place and then stayed under the umbra for over 9 and a half minutes - something that cannot be achieved on land.

Easter Island Those that ventured to Easter Island were greeted with a clear view of the total solar eclipse amongst some of the most famous archeological ruins known. A rare chance and those that gambled won!

El Calafate, Argentina Sunset eclipses are a daring expedition as clouds often form near sunset and sunrise. It all depends on the winds. On this day the winds were in the favor of the eclipse chasers as indicated by the reports.

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