Images of the 1999 Total Solar Eclipse
Programmer: Bill Kramer
Last update: April 17 2015

Images of the 1999 Total Solar Eclipse


Total Solar Eclipse 1999

One of the most anticipated solar eclipses of the 20th century took place August 11 1999. The last eclipse of the century, the last eclipse of the millennium, and crossing Europe - many people pinned their hopes on seeing this one. Unfortunately for those in Europe, much of the eclipse path was clouded out. Things were much better in Turkey and Iran for viewing the eclipse with clear blue sky.  


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TSE 1999 Diamond Ring caught on film in Veules les Roses, Normandy, ...
- courtesy of Ulrich Rieth
- courtesy of Ulrich Rieth
my first eclipse picture,scan of "paper picture" - courtesy of Marcellinus...
Germany, prime focus though Questar, scanned from slide - courtesy of Bill ...
- courtesy of Andrey Litvinov
Germany, prime focus through Questar, scanned from slide - courtesy of Bill...
Columbus Astronomical Society in Germany (plus one extra) - courtesy of Bil...
- courtesy of Dilek Pekdemir
Scanned photo paper. The original was made with a 135mm telephoto lens. - ...
2nd contact, prime focus Questar, Germany - courtesy of Bill Kramer
- courtesy of Vincenzo Bacci

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