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Last update: April 17 2015

1988 INDONESIA from Glenn Schneider Arriving at the airport I noticed a local batik artist had a fairly large display of decorated wall hangings (and shirts) for sale in front of an area where he (and others) worked right there making them. They were quite pretty, and a couple of us were struck by the idea of seeing if he might make us a couple of "eclipse batiks" as wall hangings. We showed him pictures and he said he could, but it would take a few days. That was OK as we would be coming through the airport again on our way home. Well, the results are not quite anatomically correct - but get this: He said he had first made it BEFORE the eclipse without the "red flames". Then AFTER he saw the eclipse himself, he wasn't happy with it and redid it to look more like what he saw. That really is not at all off the mark.

Glenn's 1988 Eclipse report: Look at the picture at the bottom of the page; then rotate it 135 degrees clockwise!

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