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Concorde 001 and Eclipse 1973

Concorde 001 races the the moon's umbra on June 30, 1973, achieving an amazing 74 minutes of shadow time. Thanks to Don Connolly and Bob Morris for sharing this stunning image!

(c) 1999 Don Connolly. All Rights Reserved. Concept by Bob Morris, Research and composition by Don Connolly and Bob Morris, coronal shape from Wendy Carlos' image of the 1973 eclipse, corona orientation and "bead" location calculated by Fred Espenak, NASA. Don Connolly is acknowledged as one of Canada's leading aviation artists. He won "best-in-show" prizes at the Canadian National Aviation Museum's international "Artflight" exhibitions in 1999 and 2003, General Aviation 1st Place in Aviation Week & Space Technology's "Aerospace Art Awards" (2000), and the "Award of Distinction" of the American Society of Aviation Artists (2002). Connolly's painting "Racing the Moon" -- depicting Concorde 001 emerging from umbral darkness at 12:07:24 p.m. GMT, June 30, 1973 -- won first prize in the Commercial Aviation category of AW & ST's 2005 competition. For more information about this painting, read Don and Bob's write up by clicking here. As a side note, Dr. Don Liebenberg, an astronomer on the flight, noted that: "The painting by Don Connolly captures the essence of this flight." According to Dr Liebenberg's he has enjoyed 22 eclipses for a totality time of 241 min 39 sec. That is a record that will stand for some time!

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