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Last update: April 17 2015

QF2901 - 2003 from Glenn Schneider Australia did NOT issue any a eclipse commemorative stamp for TSE2003 (which occurred over the Australian Antarctic Terratory), but David Foot (a philatelist) prepared a commemorative cover (note the appropriate stamp).

This one was carried on the flight deck of QF2901 for the entire duration of the flight, thus was immersed in the umbra with us at -70S in the AAT. Note that it was signed (during the partial phase egress) by the flight crew: Our pilot in command, second pilot, first officer, and myself. Now, umbraphiles will say,of course, the eclipse was 23 Nov 2003 - which it was *UT* - but "local time" it was 24 November, hence the postmark which was imbossed indeed on the right day (as the explanatory red lettering on the cover says, so there can be no confusion).

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