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Last update: September 08 2018

Color Coding for Eclipse Paths

Total eclipse 6/30/1973
Total eclipse 7/11/1991
Total eclipse 7/22/2009
Total eclipse 8/2/2027
Total eclipse 8/12/2045
Total eclipse 8/24/2063

The map above shows several eclipse central paths at the same time. Click on the path to learn the name of the eclipse. Color match ups are shown at right. The pattern repeats every ten eclipses.

Click on the eclipse name in the color code list to learn more about the specific eclipse. You will either be directed to the reports and pictures page, the future eclipse planning page, or the local circumstances page for the selected eclipse.

Select multiple eclipses for display from the list to the right. → → →

Hold the Control Key or Command Key while picking eclipses to select more than one. If using a table select the list button and pick the eclipses to display one by one from the list. On a desktop you can also select a range of eclipses by picking the first one and holding the shift key while selecting the other end of the range. The more eclipses selected, the longer this process requires to create the map.

Select Eclipse Paths to Show

Hold Control or Command key to select multiple

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