Eclipse Chaser Log for Dirk Mengel
Eclipse Chaser Log for Dirk Mengel
Programmer: Bill Kramer
Program updated: January 07 2019

Eclipse Chasers Log

for Dirk Mengel

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Eclipse count: 2, of which 2 were total and 0 were annular types. The remaining were partials.
Number of Saros Series seen is 2
Time in shadow of the moon: 5h 19m 24.6s. (all partial plus total plus annular)
Total Eclipse time: 5m 53.3s (353.3 seconds)
Annular Eclipse time: (0.0 seconds)
Central shadow time (A+T): 5m 53.3s

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Solar Eclipse Log. Click on date to see who else saw that eclipse.
YearTypeSarosTot/Ann.Moon Shadow TimeLat.Long.Weather
1999 AugustTotal1452m 19.8s2h 46m 46.2s46.96 N17.81 EClear
2006 MarchTotal1393m 33.5s2h 32m 38.4s38.84 N34.62 EClear

139March 29, 2006
145August 11, 1999

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