Eclipse Chaser Log for Bill Nunnelee
Programmer: Bill Kramer
Program updated: January 07 2019

Eclipse Chasers Log

for Bill Nunnelee

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Eclipse count: 10, of which 6 were total and 3 were annular types. The remaining were partials.
Number of Saros Series seen is 8
Time in shadow of the moon: 23h 55m 45.7s. (all partial plus total plus annular)
Total Eclipse time: 17m 38.7s (1,058.7 seconds)
Annular Eclipse time: 10m 8.9s (608.9 seconds)
Central shadow time (A+T): 27m 47.6s

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Solar Eclipse Log. Click on date to see who else saw that eclipse.
YearTypeSarosTot/Ann.Moon Shadow TimeLat.Long.Weather
1984 MayAnnular13714.7s3h 3m 33.8s32.56 N86.46 WClear
1991 JulyTotal1364m 6.8s2h 6m 20.5s19.64 N156.00 WClear
1994 NovTotal1333m 6.7s2h 17m 5.1s19.41 S66.89 WClear
1994 MayAnnular1285m 23.3s3h 9m 10.1s32.90 N105.56 WPartly clouded
1998 FebruaryTotal1303m 33.0s2h 57m 10.1s12.42 N69.87 WClear
1999 AugustTotal1452m 20.2s2h 46m 20.5s42.89 N30.32 EClear
2012 MayAnnular1284m 30.9s2h 15m 5.2s37.71 N113.66 WClear
2013 NovemberPartial14323m 24.5s31.99 N80.85 WClear
2017 AugustTotal1452m 3.2s2h 34m 19.0s44.68 N121.14 WClear
2019 JulyTotal1272m 28.8s2h 23m 16.9s29.99 S70.69 WClear

127July 2, 2019
128May 10, 1994 / May 20, 2012
130February 26, 1998
133Nov 3, 1994
136July 11, 1991
137May 30, 1984
143November 3, 2013
145August 11, 1999 / August 21, 2017

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