Who saw the Sep 2006 eclipse?
Programmer: Bill Kramer
Last update: September 08 2018

Who saw the
Annular Solar Eclipse of 22 Sep 2006 ?

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  Name Lat. Long. Elev.
Weather Total
 Amorim, Alexandre-27.660-48.5442Partly clouded-168.9
Barr, Derryl5.704-54.0120Clear305.4142.8
 Delcourte, Kris5.704-54.0120Clear305.2142.8
Gill, Michael5.158-52.6260Clear334.4144.8
Jubier, Xavier5.163-52.6300Clear334.3144.8
 Klein Lebbink, Christiaan5.163-52.6300Clear334.4144.8
Maley, Paul D.5.162-52.6412Partly clouded330.2144.7
 Masalles, Josep4.891-52.2540Clear330.0145.4
 Nufer, Robert5.113-52.6450Clear335.5144.8
Nye, Derald5.177-52.6610Clear333.9144.7
Palmer, Lynn5.167-52.6810Clear340.4110.1
Pasachoff, Jay4.927-52.3280Clear336.0145.2
  Name Lat. Long. Elev.
Weather Total
RodriguezSRamirez, FrankSA.28.008-15.5390Clear-70.2
Schoppmeyer, Joerg4.941-52.2950Clear335.7145.3
 Teyssier, Bertrand5.164-52.6340Clear334.3144.7

Number of eclipse chasers who saw this one: 15
Longest duration reported: 340.4 seconds by Palmer, Lynn
Average duration reported: 286.0 seconds

Different nations represented in chaser list above.

United States5
United Kingdom1