Total Solar Eclipse November 2013
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November 3, 2013

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The eclipse of November 3rd, 2013 is a very short duration eclipse. For most of the path totality duration is just a few seconds. This is a special eclipse in that the eclipse path starts as an annular eclipse (mean lunar diameter less than mean solar diameter as viewed from Earth) but then turns into a very short duration total eclipse (mean lunar diameter is greater than the mean solar diameter). Some apply the unoffical term "hybrid" with this very special type of eclipse.

Most of this eclipse occurs over the Atlantic Ocean with the only landfall being in Africa across relatively large areas of sparsely inhabited rain forest. There is very little infrastructure to support eclipse groups and finding a clear sky location along the path requires the best of luck as mobility is minimal. Some tour groups are taking eclipse chasers to Uganda, Kenya, and Ethiopia.

The special nature of this eclipse is that along the areas where the annular eclipse is visible mountains along the lunar profile will create a broken ring. The same will apply along the areas where totality is expected but in reverse, lunar valleys along the profile might let bright sections of the chromosphere and photosphere through creating a multiple diamond ring effect.

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