Total Solar Eclipse March 2016
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March 9, 2016

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Weather at the start of the eclipse path is questionable. Unfortunately March is in the midst of the rainy season. Good mobility is critical during eclipse morning and the day before in order to increase one's chances of success.

At sea the prospects of a clear observation improve considerably given the mobility and advanced weather information available on most ships. When selecting any eclipse cruise it is very important to make sure that the ship is chartered JUST FOR THAT PURPOSE and is not in transit with a chance encounter of the eclipse (if all goes well).

Eclipse Path

Except for the beginning of the path, this eclipse is mostly over the Pacific Ocean. Starting off the western coast of Sumatra at local sunrise the path treks eastward over Borneo and then into the ocean. The path ends just north of the Hawaiian islands.

The largest city along the path is the capital of South Sumatra, Palembang. The eclipse will be about 18 degrees up from the horizon during totality in that area. The path continues into southern Malaysia and on to the Indonesia islands of Sulawesi and North Maluku before hitting the Pacific Ocean. Wake Island is near the path of totality, but just outside of it.

The best choices for chasing this eclipse are at sea on a cruise ship (that is where I will be - follow along on my blog for TSE2016) or in the air.

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