Total Solar Eclipse July 2019
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July 2, 2019

Location of Path

Eclipse Map

Eclipse Path Weather

July is not the best time of year at these southern latitudes. It is the middle of local winter and generally there are cloudy skies along the eclipse path where it makes land fall.

Near the middle of the path presents better chances for clear weather from a ship.

Climate analysis by Jay Anderson

The sky around the eclipsed sun as seen from the approximate position expected for the Paul Gauguin cruise ship (click image for closer view). Venus will be visible in the minutes before and after totality.

Live Feed

Watch the eclipse live with the San Francisco Exploratorium team in Chile. Click here to go to the live feed or to learn more about what they are doing and where they are located.

Last update: June 12 2019

Eclipse Path

The majority of this total solar eclipse takes place over the Pacific Ocean. The eclipse ends over South America (Chile, Argentina) at sunset just to the west of Buenos Aries.

With a tremendous amount of good luck, eclipse photographers may be able to capture deep partial eclipse images near sunset with dramatic foregrounds in the areas west of Buenos Aries.

Eclipse chasers may have better luck staying nearer to the tropics and encountering the eclipse path in the South Pacific Ocean on board a ship. The path crosses near Pitcairn Island and that may present an interesting sailing opportunity.

This eclipse will be relatively long in duration, lasting almost two minutes near the end of the path. With the bad weather prospects it is good to know that there will be another eclipse in December of 2020 in the same region.

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