Total Solar Eclipse December 2020
Programmer: Bill Kramer
Last update: April 08 2016

December 14, 2020

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Eclipse Day Weather

December is a good month for weather along the eclipse path in Chile. In addition numerous cities and good roads can be found in the immediate area. As the path crosses the Andes Mountains the terrain becomes more difficult and desolate. Mobility will be important as afternoon clouds could form as the eclipse starts.

Eclipse Path

The majority of this total solar eclipse takes place over the Pacific Ocean. The eclipse then passes over South America (Chile, Argentina) in the late afternoon ending in the Atlantic.

This is a modest eclipse of about two minutes in duration and high in the sky for most of the land fall across the South American continent. South of Temuco Chile a total solar eclipse of just over two minutes (near the central part of the path) will occur in the after noon with the sun about 70 degrees high in the sky.

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