Total Solar Eclipse April 2023
Programmer: Bill Kramer
Last program update: September 08 2018

April 20, 2023

Location of Path

Eclipse Map

Eclipse Weather

The climate in NW Australia is nice for eclipse chasing. Temperatures range from 70F to just under 90F with clear sky conditions about 50% of the time. Weatherspark.com

Timor is warmer but has a higher probability of clouds (almost 70%). Weatherspark.com

With temperatures in 70s/80sF, Papua is also subject to cloudy weather about 70% of the time. Weatherspark.com

Last update: February 05 2020

Eclipse Path

The majority of this path is across the ocean NW of Australia and S of Indonesia. The path touches Australia at one peninsula, the North West Cape (1m 2s). A small airport (Learmonth 54s) is located in the path of totality along with beaches, parks, mountains, and wilderness. Longest land fall for the eclipse are on the islands of Papua (1m 10s), Timor-Leste (1m 16s), Kisar (1m 12s), Damar (52s), Biak (1m 5s).

Last update: February 05 2020

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