Total Solar Eclipse April 2024
Programmer: Bill Kramer
Last program update: September 08 2018

April 8, 2024

Location of Path

Eclipse Map

Eclipse Day Weather

Ever heard the rhyme that April Showers bring May Flowers? Well, April is typically a rainy month in North America and thus weather will be a major issue for those wanting to observe the eclipse. The best options appear to be in Mexico or Texas based on general climate stats and early eclipse chaser reports.

Last update: April 26 2015

Eclipse Path

Mexico, USA, Canada lie along the path of totality for this modest duration eclipse. Totality will last four minutes near the central path.

Falling on a Monday during the school year it is hoped that schools along the path of totality and even those where a partial eclipse will be visible are able to take advantage of this rare event. This is the sort of thing people never forget seeing. The next total solar eclipse to fall across North America is not until 2045, try not to miss this one!

Last update: April 26 2015

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