Report and Images of the 1973 Total Solar Eclipse
Programmer: Bill Kramer
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Report and Images of the 1973 Total Solar Eclipse

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June 30, 1973

Off the coast of western Africa on board the Canberra, a big ship, with over 2000 eclipse enthusiasts on board. This was a two week cruise in which Earth science was the primary theme. For a science freak like myself, it was "nerd-heaven". There were even "nerd-celebrities" on board; people like Neil Armstrong, Isaac Asimov, Scott Carpenter, Walter Sullivan, Allen Hynek, and many, many more. They had a small museum set up with a lunar rock (we asked each other - how can you tell?) and other neat stuff from NASA. All in all, this was a great trip, completely overwhelming the previous year’s cruise. The focus was so much on the eclipse, that even the normal movie selections shown in the ship’s theater had been altered to show movies with eclipses in them (no matter how badly done) and to show adventures to Africa. One of my favorites was the "African Queen" which although an old movie, was very well done. They also showed "2001 Space Odyssey" several times. As I said, a Nerd Heaven!  More...

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