Report and Images of the 2010 Total Solar Eclipse
Programmer: Bill Kramer
Last program update: June 20 2019

Report and Images of the 2010 Total Solar Eclipse

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Eclipse Chaser Report - July 2010

South Pacific, Easter Island, Chile, Argentina The majority of this total solar eclipse took place over the South Pacific Ocean. Viewing the eclipse was a challenge for many with the costs being high and options few. The path of totality passed over the Cook Islands (Mangaia), just south of Tahiti over a series of atolls, out to the open ocean, directly over Easter Island, and ending in South West Argentina at sunset.  More...

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Helio Group on Mangia
Maps by M. Zeiler
Piere Arpin - Hao Atoll
John Walker - Easter Island
Tatakoto Atoll - Joe Cali and others
Kris Delcourte - Tatakoto Atoll
Martin Mobberley pictures from Hao
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