Report and Images of the 2015 Total Solar Eclipse
Programmer: Bill Kramer
Last update: August 25 2017

Report and Images of the 2015 Total Solar Eclipse

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The March 20th 2015 eclipse was a challenge. Precisely timed air intercepts with a variety of commercial aircraft, remote Svalbard, and the Faroe Islands each presented eclipse chasers with obstacles, weather questions, and in some cases, difficult circumstances (hiring a gun man to protect from polar bears is just one example).  More...


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EFlight video by SAROS Expeditions (Spanish)
eFlight GoPro video by Stefan Meyer
eFlight Totality video by Stefan Meyer
Svalbard - Joe Cali
Svalbard - Jay M. Pasachoff and Allison L. Carter, Williams College
eFlight GoPro video through iced window by David Makepeace
Snow boarding eclipse chaser
Faroe Islands commemorative stamps
Partial Eclipse from Berlin - Marcellinus Prien
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