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Solar Eclipse Related Links

Amazing Sky - How to Photograph the Solar Eclipse, an eBook by Alan Dyer

American Eclipse - Fun and educational pages about the 2017 total solar eclipse by Jay Ryan.

Astro-Eclipse - UK based eclipse travel agency.

Being in the Shadow - The Huma Experience of a Total Solar Eclipse by Dr Kate Russo

Clock-Tower - Sheridan Williams' Solar Eclipse site with large table of eclipse chaser statistics.

Eclipsareon - iPhone application for local circumstances.

Eclipse 2017 - The next eclipse in the USA, August 21st 2017, make your plans now!

Eclipse Guy - Canada's busiest eclipse chaser.

Eclipse Land - Photos and eclipse reports (English and German).

Eclipse Photography - Miloslav Druckmuller's amazing images

Eclipse Maps - by Micheal Zeiler

Eclipse Wise - by Fred Espenak

Flashspectrum - eclipse images by Robert B Slobins

Great American Eclipse - focus on the 2017 TSE across the USA main continent.

Hermit Eclipse - Excellent graphics explaining eclipses.

IAU Eclipses - Jay Pasachoff of the International Astronomical Union Working Group on Solar Eclipses reference page. Lots of great links!

IOTA - International Occultation Timing Association.

Jay Pasachoff - Solar Science Guru Eclipse site.

Kryss Tal - Solar Eclipse reports, information, and stories.

LM Consult - Solar Eclipse Caclulator.

Marks Travel Notes - Eclipse chasing with a habitual globe trotter.

Mc Glaun- Eclipse Basics.

Mr Eclipse - NASA expert Fred Espenak is "Mr Eclipse". Photography tips, articles, and great pictures.

NASA GSFC - eclipse information and data resource for hundreds of eclipses in the past and future.

Shadow and Substance - great animations and maps of eclipse events

Torasol - Images and stories from Tora Greve, Swedish eclipse chaser (English and Swedish).

UMBRAPHILE - Automatic camera control system for Macintosh and Eclipse circumstance calculator.

Waiting for the Shadow - Australian eclipse chaser Joe Cali's reference, site surveys, and excellent photography resource.

Wolfgang Stricklings Eclipse Pocket PC - eclipse tools for the mobile Windows platform. Timer, camera control.

Xavier Jubier - Solar Eclipse Calculator and images from one of the world's most adventurous eclipse chasers.

SEML - Solar Eclipse Mailing List

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