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Eclipse Books

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Fred Espenak's 1000 Year Canon of Solar Eclipses   1000 Year Canon of Solar Eclipses by Fred Espenak provides details about solar eclipses from 1501 to 2500. A must have for the eclipse chaser thinking about the future as well as linking with past eclipses. This book has maps and data for each of the 2,389 solar eclipses occurring over the ten century period centered on the present era. The eclipse predictions are based on the Jet Propulsion Lab's DE406 - a computer ephemeris used for calculating high precision coordinates of the Sun and Moon for thousands of years into the past and future.
Eclipse Nuts   Eclipse Nuts by Bill Kramer is a collection of cartoons related to eclipse chasing and astronomers that I created. The name was inspired by world famous eclipse expert Fred Espenak. He had seen some of my cartoons during an eclipse conference and along with Micheal Zeiler encouraged me to get them published. The result is a book full of over 100 eclipse related cartoons, some basic, some advanced. These cartoons have been used in lectures, as jokes shared amongst eclipse chasers, and many were featured at the Solar Eclipse Conference. Some of the cartoons are a bit technical while most can be understood by anyone interested in eclipses and astronomy. Printed on demand and shipped directly to you
Being in the Shadow   Being in the Shadow by Kate Russo. Through personal stories of six ordinary people, this narrative non-fiction book describes what it is like to experience a total eclipse for the first time, and why you must get into the path of totality to experience this awe for yourself.
Total Addiction   Total Addition by Kate Russo. This is more of an excellent academic book written for those who would like to understand what eclipse chasing is all about. The book fully describes the totality experience and goes in-depth into what it is like to be an eclipse chaser. One-of-a-kind, and a must-have for eclipse chasers everywhere.
American Eclipse   American Eclipse by David Barron. Tells the story of the 1878 Total Solar Eclipse attended by the likes of Edison, Maria Mitchell, Craig Watson, and a host of others. The descriptions of totality are spot on and how these very different eclipse chasers faired in their quest for some umbra time.
Eclipses - Journey to the Dark Side of the Moon   Eclipses - Journey to the Dark Side of the Moon by eclipse chaser Frank Close tells his story of evolving into an eclipse chaser and his aspirations for future eclipses. A fun story full of great descriptions of totality and how it feels as well as his personal exploration into the eclipse chaser thing.
Eclipse: The Celestial Phenomenon That Changed the Course of History   Eclipse: The Celestial Phenomenon That Changed the Course of History by eclipse chaser Duncan Steel tells goes into the history of solar eclipses and how they have had a direct effect on the past. This is an excellent study of eclipses that is full of great stories every eclipse chaser should enjoy.

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