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Programmer: Bill Kramer
Last update: April 17 2015

I call this The Sun The Moon and the Lighthouse And wrote a poem to accompany it: One summer\'s eve o\'er an Eerie Lake, A lighthouse dreamed of a solar wake. Yea, both shed light on the dangerous rocks, And return our sailors to hometown docks. Sol was setting quick in twilight\'s grasp, when in the soupy thick we heard a gasp. as the man in the moon black as coal, rose up soon and took a bite from Sol... Then he took another and then some more, a ring of fire would soon be in store. but the thickening cloud and impending night conspired to shroud this mysterious sight. so I packed my gear and left this land knowing that in morning clear the lighthouse would understand. And, one summer\'s morn o\'er an Eerie Lake, a lighthouse would dream as Ole Sol awaked... NOTE: Shot at Spitzer Marina in Lorain, Ohio. The Lorain Lighthouse is a local icon and historic landmark.

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