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Last update: April 17 2015

1994 BOLIVIA from Glenn Schneider THIS one I didn't have custom made. We arrived on the Altiplano via a somewhat antiquated bus in the small town of Huachacalla (14, 300 ft above MSL). I think we may have been the first non-Bolivian tourists ever there. But, I guess they knew we were coming. Outside of the police station (two rooms, one of the few perminant buildings in town) was a man with two donkeys that had piled on their backs each about 50 woven/decorative rugs. One on top of the left donkey, I spotted was quite different from the rest which mostly showed just mountains, llamas, and coffee plants. You can see what it is. I snatched it up and paid for it before any competitor gringos might see it and thus circumvented a potential bidding war.

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