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Eclipse Chaser
(noun) - Anyone that wants to see a total solar eclipse.

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Current Issue Volume 14
Total Eclipse in North Atlantic results, Booking; 2016 Total Solar Eclipse
Issue 13 Volume 13
Total Eclipse in Far Northern Australia and the South Pacific, FUTURE ECLIPSES IN AUSTRALIA & NEW ZEALAND, Booking; 2013 Total Solar Eclipse
Issue 12 Volume 12
Planning details for the Annular Solar Eclipse in May 2012.
Current Issue Volume 11
Reports and photos from the total solar eclipse of July 2010.
Current Issue Volume 10
Reports and photos from the total solar eclipse of July 2009. Long list of travel companies for July 2010 and initial plans for 2012.
Current Issue Volume 9
Planning for the Total Solar Eclipse of 2010, long list of travel companies for July 2009 and July 2010.
Current Issue Volume 8
Reports and pictures from the August 2008 eclipse path. China, Mongolia, Russia, and the Arctic.
Current Issue Volume 7
Longest eclipse of the century in 2009, tour information, weather
Current Issue Volume 6
Report from the 2007 conference, 2008 booking info, Umbraphile Max club
Current Issue Volume 5
Eclipse 2008 Highlights and Weather prospects
Current Issue Volume 4
Eclipses for the next 10 years
Current Issue Volume 3
2006 Eclipse Egypt and 2008/2009 Eclipse tours
Profile Jay M. Pasachoff
Current Issue Volume 2
2006 Eclipse Libya
Annular Eclipse
Profile Paul D. Maley
Current Issue Volume 1
Premier Issue
2006 Eclipse Turkey
Profile Larry Stevens

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