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        Thursday Presentation Intros * (pdf 2.1 MB)
        Friday Presentation Intros * (pdf 2.1 MB)
        Saturday Presentation Intros * (pdf 2.5 MB)
        Sunday Presentation Intros * (pdf 2.7 MB)
  AAG USA Amateur Astronomers Group Alamogordo Star gazing Friday and Saturday
Jay Anderson Canada Meteorologist Three Years of Eclipses: Where to Go? * (pdf 5.2 MB)
Derryl Barr USA Retired teacher When the eclipse comes home * (pdf 7.6 MB)
Jean-Pierre Barriot French Polynesia Professor of Geophysics, University French Polynesia; Head of the Geodesy Observatory of Tahiti Modelling the solar diameter from light curves taken during solar eclipses (* pdf 61.4 MB)
John W. Briggs USA Astronomer in Residence for the Michele and David Mittelman Family Foundation at the HUT Observatory The Legacy of Solar Telescope Designer George A. Carroll
Ray Brooks USA Saros maths * (zip 1.4 MB)
RalphChou Canada School of Optometry, University of Waterloo The ISO Standard for Solar Viewers * (pdf 246 KB)
RalphChou Canada School of Optometry, University of Waterloo How to observe the eclipse safely * (pdf 250 KB)
Terry Cuttle Australia Outcomes of TSE 2012 in Australia and thoughts for 2017 * (pdf 20.5 MB)
Kris Delcourte Belgium Head of the Working Group Eclipses of the Belgian amateur society for astronomy (VVS) Landscape Eclipse Photography * (pdf 173 MB)
David Dunham USA Part-time with KinetX Aerospace, Inc. Plans of the International Occultation Timing Association (IOTA) for 2017 (report from the Columbia Workshop) and Other “Eclipse” Opportunities * (pdf 6.2 MB)
FredEspenak USA Scientist Emeritus, NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center Two New Eclipse Canons and an Eclipse Website * (ppsx 6.6 MB)
FredEspenak USAScientist Emeritus, NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center Photographing Solar Eclipses *(pdf 7.3 MB)
Charles N. Fulco USA Director of Space and Environmental Sciences, Port Chester Public Schools, NY Developing STEM lesson plans integrating Common Core standards in conjunction with the 2017 total solar eclipse * (pdf 590 KB)
Shadia R. Habbal USA Institute for Astronomy, University of Hawaii Unique science with total solar eclipses * (pdf 61.3 MB)
Melissa Hulbert Australia Astronomy Educator, Sidney Observatory Under The Shadow: public eclipse education * (pptx 42.4 MB)
Nick James UK British Astronomical Association Techniques used and results of high resolution video obtained at the 2010 and 2012 TSEs * (pdf 4.0 MB)
Xavier Jubier France IAU - Working Group on Solar Eclipses The Ultimate Chase Into the Stratosphere
Stephen Keil USA National Solar Observatory, Sacramento Peak Advanced Technology Solar Telescope: Science, Design and Current Status * (pdf 36.2 MB)
Roger Kennedy USA Solar Outreach Coordinator for TAAS - The Albuquerque Astronomical Society Bringing Solar Science to School Children and the General Public * (pdf 8.8 MB)
Hamid Khodashenas Iran Founder and director manager of Sayeh research institute Observing Solar Eclipse in Space: a dream that is coming true (co-presentation with Soheil Malekzadeh)
SergeKoutchmy France Institut d'astrophysique de Paris CNRS & Univ P & M Curie Measurements of the solar edge and of the diameter of the Sun using total eclipses * (pdf 4.9 MB)
Bill Kramer Jamaica / USA IAU-Working Group on Solar Eclipses Automation of Eclipse Contact Timing Modifications Using Digital Lunar Profiles * (pdf 4.0 MB)
Soheil Malekzadeh Iran Member of Sayeh research Observing Solar Eclipse in Space: a dream that is coming true (co-presentation with Hamid Khodashenas)
James McAteer USA New Mexico State University The Eclipse Megamovie Project (* pdf 13.5 MB)
Forrest Mims III USA Amateur Scientist The Old and the New: Thomas Jefferson’s solar eclipse, photographing eclipses through a pinhole and eclipse-induced waves in the ozone layer * (pdf 3.8 MB)
Tom Murphy USA Associate Professor of Physics, UC San Diego Lunar eclipse dust accumulations * (pdf 3.9 MB)
Jay M. Pasachoff USA Williams College/IAU Working Group on Eclipses Science at Recent Annular and Total Solar Eclipses * (pdf 10.4 MB)
Voyto Rusin Slovak Republic Solar Physicist at Astronomical Institute Do we need scientific observations of the solar corona during eclipses? (* pdf 6.4 MB)
Nelson Quan China Chinese American film maker Chasing Shadows
Glenn Schneider USA Astronomer at University of Arizona’s Steward Observatory UMBRAPHILLIC ESOTERICA: A Retrospective Beyond Science and Technology * (pdf 49.8 MB)
Joerg Schoppmeyer Germany CTO and CEO of Kuehn & Weyh Software GmbH Solar Eclipses at Sunrise/Sunset, special effects * (pdf 3.7 MB)
Jan Sladecek Czech Republic Air Quality Specialist Solar Eclipse Observations - my experience * (pdf 14.0 MB)
JohnTilley UK Retired Technical Manager (IBM), Member BAA More Morsels * (pdf 11.3 MB)
Michael Zeiler USA Eclipse Cartography / IAU Working Group on Solar Eclipses New frontiers in eclipse cartography * (pdf 19.8 MB)

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Speakers List SEC2014