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- by Bill Kramer

More solar eclipse photography cartoons from my collection. These have appeared from time to time in different presentations. The most recent was the Solar Eclipse Conference 2014 in New Mexico.

Click the image for a higher resolution display. You can use these images in your own presentations with the following acknowledgement: Image (c)Bill Kramer, www.eclipse-chasers.com. For commercial requests (publications) please contact me.


Check and double check your times. Automation of eclipse photography requires a good time setting. The computer, GPS, camera, and anything else that is running the automation or is a key element (whether it uses time itself or not) need to be synchronized. Otherwise disaster might result and in total solar eclipse photography, there are no "do overs".


Eclipse freeze happens even to professionals. Just because someone is a professional does not mean they will not freeze on seeing the total solar eclipse. It really is an awesome thing to see. So don't feel bad if this happens to you while running a complex (or not so complex) battery of cameras. In my own experience it was five or so eclipses before my hands stopped shaking all through totality. That rush is part of what makes eclipse chasing fun!


Another variation of the "Do not use a flash" theme. This particular one was used at SEC 2014 to introduce a speaker whose topic was using HD video for solar eclipses. That technology has come a long way! But not far enough to cancel out some idiot with a flash.


Selfies - using a cell phone or small camera to take a picture of oneself in an interesting situation or location, and then post it to social media is something a lot of people do on a regular basis. The thing is, eclipses are a really bad time to do that. The flash might go off (disable it) and then all you get are silhouettes looking in the wrong direction. Save the selfie for just after the eclipse when you and others will have a big smile on your face.


Ask any eclipse photographer and you will get different opinions on what makes for a great picture. Close ups of the prominences and inner corona are awesome. But so far wide field landscape photos that capture the eerie lighting of a solar eclipse along with the eclipse itself. Bottom line is that both are a challenge and the results are fantastic. One might almost say "out of sight"!


This cartoon was used at the SEC 2014 to introduce a laser lunar distance finder presentation. Several laser reflectors were left on the Moon by Apollo astronauts and they are still in use today by astronomers to obtain extremely accurate measurements. Such systems are not really portable and a bit tricky to set up, but in this case I made an exception. The kid's reaction is very different than the skeptical adults.


Another cartoon from the SEC 2014. A presentation was made to call for a mega movie project to be done during the 2017 TSE across the USA. The idea is to set up a series of cameras and record the eclipsed Sun from coast to coast - and at the same time broadcast a live feed.

In this cartoon the movie specialists have taken over and called in a lighting crew. Excess lights are not welcomed during total solar eclipses.


While there are those that will travel to the ends (read as cold parts) of the Earth to see a total solar eclipse, there are a few that are seen only by the local critters. A few years back an eclipse took place over Antarctica that someone dubbed the "Penguin Eclipse" since no chasers were planning to go after it. That was the inspiration for this cartoon.

All eclipse cartoons were created by Bill Kramer using an iPad and the ArtRage drawing program.

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