Future Solar Eclipses
Author: Bill Kramer
Last update: Wednesday, 05-Feb-2020 11:10:40 EST

Future Solar Eclipses

The next few Total Solar Eclipses

Upcoming total solar eclipses 2017-2024

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December 2020 - South America - Good time of year for a total solar eclipse in South America. Mid eclipse crosses continent with good opportunities for cruise ships to be in the area. 
December 2021 - Antarctica - Looks like an air intercept out of South America(eFlight) is the best option for this one. There might be expedition ships available as well since the time of year is favorable for getting in the path.  
April 2023 - Oceania - Hybrid eclipse path starts and ends as an annular with a short duration totality NW of Australia, S of Indonesia, crossing Papau. Totality time is just over a minute at maximum.  
April 2024 - North America - April showers... this is not a good time of year for most of the USA and Canada to see an eclipse. The weather may be a bit clouded but with luck one would be able to watch an eclipse almost twice the duration of the 2017 eclipse. 

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NASA - Five Millennium Catalog of Solar Eclipses